Beauty Way Healing Arts
Beauty Way Healing Arts
Yoli Maya Yeh Joseph

Welcome to Beauty Way Healing Arts

A digital garden to connect, rest and strengthen the ability to heal self and others.

About The Space

Beauty Way Healing Arts is rooted in the Indigenous Wisdom concept that we are of the land and that our purpose for being is rooted in a grand journey of remembrance.  Being a human can be a complicating factor in this spiritual journey and yet it is a privileged form here in the game board of Earth.  Colonization, industrialization and globalization have fractured us from our sense of wholeness, separated us from our sleep and dreaming and inspired us to 'live to die' rather than adopt a philosophy that 'life is for living'.  This community has grown online organically since the beginning of the pandemic and we continue to center around spiritual development through rest paradigm, comparative methodology, decolonization praxis and embodied learning.  What you will find are delightful and authentic tools for you to craft your own mosaic of personal spiritual practices and outward space-holding offerings (therapies, healing, bodywork, etc) in the world.  We have courses to deepen knowledge, weekly classes to cultivate practice, periodic in-community retreats, downloadable courses, and monthly community discussions that are topic focused.  

Why You Are Welcome

Healing can and needs to be fun and is supposed to happen in community.  This virtual space is an opportunity to gather in the sacred circle from all the areas of the world where we find ourselves in an ever-changing landscape of connection and belonging.  You will only find authentic teachings and tools here, no gimmicks, no outdated systems of Guru-models and hierarchies.  This is a house of Friends and you are welcome exactly as you are.  

Deep Gratitude

Let us be in mutual benefit and gratitude of each other.  There are three tiers of pricing to the circles: Sustainer, Supporter and Community.  All circles receive the same benefits and opportunities.  Sign up at the level that work for you and if you can give more, please consider doing so with the knowledge you are supporting others in the space.